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(3D)2 is the first publication focused on software or hardware products from the markets covered by the French www.cao.fr portal (CAD, CAE, PLM, virtual reality, and rapid prototyping) in which readers can manipulate models on the screen.

To make full use of these 3D capabilities, readers will simply :

  • need version 7.08 - or higher - of Adobe® Reader® (version 8.0 on Mac).
  • download current issue of (3D)2 (free).

This issue is available in English (also in French and in German).

If your Adobe Reader version is older than 7.08 (Windows XP) or 8.0 (Mac), please download and install the latest version by clicking on the Adobe logo
Download the issue of (3D)2 focused on TraceParts (PDF file) and follow the instructions on the next page.
 (Other issues are available in French here)
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