Le 15 Décembre 2015

CIMdata annonce les dates de ses forums PLM Market & Industry 2016

L'édition européenne se tiendra à Amsterdam le 7 avril


Ann Arbor, Michigan,

Le cabinet international de conseil et d'analyse CIMdata annonce les dates des différentes sessions régionales de son Forum PLM 2016.

Ces journées, les 26èmes du nom, sont destinées aux acteurs du marché du PLM. Elles permettront à ces derniers de connaître en avant première les récentes données et tendances du marché mondial du PLM et d'affiner, grâce à ces études et aux discussions qui les accompagneront, leurs stratégies de développement et de communication.

CIMdata annonce les dates de ses forums PLM Market & Industry 2016
  • Amérique du Nord - 31 mars 2016
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Europe - 7 avril 2016
    Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
  • Inde - 11 avril 2016
  • Chine - 15 avril 2016
  • Japon - 20 avril 2016

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Ci-dessous, le communiqué complet de CIMdata en anglais :

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, 10 December 2015 — CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM consulting and research firm announces its international 2016 PLM Market & Industry Forum schedule and program.

Approaching their twenty-sixth year, these one-day events will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA on March 31; Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 7; Pune, India on April 11; Shanghai, China on April 15; and Tokyo, Japan on April 20.

CIMdata’s PLM Market & Industry Forum is the premier industry event series designed exclusively for PLM solution providers, PLM service providers, PLM systems integrators, and PLM channel partners of all sizes. During the forum events, attendees will explore the challenges currently facing the PLM market. Presentations will offer insights into the current economic climate, leading trends, and their effects on the PLM economy. There will be a detailed look at the state and trends of current and future PLM markets, and the eagerly awaited first public release of CIMdata’s 2015 PLM market analysis results—including extensive analyses and forecasts of market growth across PLM domains, industries, and regions; and the performance (revenue and market-share analysis) of leading PLM solution providers.

The theme for 2016is “It’s a Material(s) World: This Changes Everything.” Throughout history we have seen that adding something to the materials mix typically moves society from one state to another. With each change, ways of working and building have needed to adapt. The emergence of “new” materials like plastics, ceramics, and composites required the development of new methods, analytics, testing, and other skills to ensure that these materials can function in current or new applications.

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing (3DP), is spawning a renaissance of materials and manufacturing capabilities that can potentially change everything. New materials are being engineered that have specific properties to serve new applications for manufacturing using 3DP. But will they have the desired properties? More importantly, the introduction of a new material has often allowed us to build things that could not be contemplated using the previous generation of materials. This changes everything,

AGAIN, and the PLM Economy must respond to help industrial companies optimize their adoption and use of new materials and their associated design, manufacturing, and support processes.

Presentations will include “Finding, Building, and Managing Your Materials Innovation Ecosystem,” a discussion onhow open innovation approaches, such as crowdsourcing and co-creation,may be used to discover the most appropriate materials innovation ecosystem; “Design and Simulation Requirements for New Materials,” a review ofthe innovative efforts being used to support materials engineering,

including design, analysis, and validation in the new materials age; and “Manufacturing and Support in the Materials Age,” a discussion that looks at how manufacturers and their value chains should respond to the challenges of introducing new materials. Other topics on the agenda include: 3D Printing and PLM, Systems Ideation and Materials Engineering, and Profitability Management.

Participants in CIMdata’s PLM Market & Industry Forum events should expect to gain a solid understanding of the current and emerging PLM market, of the dynamics impacting it, and of the expectations for its continued evolution. Attendees will gain further insights into opportunities and approaches they can use to navigate the PLM economy in the year to come. CIMdata’s PLM Market & Industry Forum series also provides an opportunity to network with other professionals in the PLM community, including competitors, collaborators, and potential partners.

For more information and to register for a 2016 PLM Market & Industry Forum please go to: http://cimdata.com/en/education/plm-market-industry-forums

Plus sur CIMdata : www.cimdata.com

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