Le 10 Septembre 2015

Cimdata organise son PLM Road Map pour l'industrie automobile en novembre à Munich

Le thème de ces conférences sera « La révolution High Tech pour l'automobile »


Ann Arbor, Michigan,

Le cabinet international de conseil et d'analyse CIMdata organisera ses conférences PLM Road Map for for the Global Automotive Industry en novembre à Munich.

Cimdata organise son PLM Road Map pour l'industrie automobile en novembre à Munich

L'événement se tiendra au Sofitel Munich Bayerpost à Munich, en Allemagne. C'est la vingt-deuxième année que ces conférences sont organisées. Elles réuniront les plus grands experts de CIMdata, les acteurs clés de l'industrie, et les experts PLM.

Voici le communiqué de presse complet en anglais :

CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM consulting and research firm announces that PLM Road Map for the Global Automotive Industry will take place on November 24, 2015. The event will be held at The Sofitel Munich Bayerpost in Munich, Germany. Now in their twenty-second year, PLM Road Map conferences bring together leading industry experts from CIMdata, key industry players, and front-line implementation experts to explore end users' progress, opportunities, and road blocks.

Having listened to the needs of the automotive users and the preferences of solution providers alike, PLM Road Map 2015 for the Global Automotive Industry will continue CIMdata's focus on presenting a series of right-sized, content-rich, and industry focused conferences. The theme for this event is "Automotive's High Tech Revolution."

Over the last ten years the automotive industry has experienced a number of historic events: a major global recession, the rapid expansion of the China market, and the rapid increase in electronic and software content, to name just a few. While some of these events are in the past, many are still challenges faced every day by companies in the automotive industry as the industry quickly evolves into a high tech industry.

According to CIMdata's President, Peter Bilello, "Many aspects of the automotive industry are increasing in complexity daily. All of this represents a perfect storm; one that is forcing changes in the competitive landscape; development, manufacturing, and support processes; and multiple aspects of the supply chain and how collaboration is performed. With these changes and challenges, opportunities will appear that must be identified and leveraged. For companies to be successful, both product and process innovation is essential."

Presentations at this event will cover the following critical areas;

  • Ways in which PLM is being used to simplify the complexity of automotive design, manufacturing, and service.
  • The future of the automobile industry and the role of PLM.
  • How the exponential increase of embedded software and other electronics in automobiles has seen systems engineering evolve into a critical engineering discipline.
  • How requirements management is critical for enabling the minimization of cost and time-to-market, while maximizing quality and ensuring full regulatory compliance.
  • How true end-to-end modeling and simulation are increasingly seen as a core element of the product innovation platform.
  • The impact of Industry 4.0 on PLM and the automotive industry.
  • Ways suppliers can successfully work with multiple OEMs.
  • The automotive industry's innovation platform of the future.

Central to the mission of PLM Road Map is encouraging the continuous collaboration and synergistic innovation between all members of the PLM community-including industrial users, subject matter experts, software providers, consulting services firms, industrial and academic institutes, system integrators, and market analysts-all partners in realizing the vision and value of PLM, especially in the emerging, more-sustainable, circular economy.

To support this collaborative mission, CIMdata is making a limited number of conference sponsorship opportunities available to PLM software and service providers. 

For more information on PLM Road Map 2015 for the Global Automotive Industry or to be a sponsor at this event visit this page.

Plus sur CIMdata : www.cimdata.com

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